Friday, April 3, 2009

What we did in twelve lessons

Here is a look at what I have been up to with my 60 plus art students these last twelve weeks. I am always completely amazed by the talent and abilities of my students. This year I was a little worried because we only had twelve lessons. I decided early on to only commit to half of the year with this group of kids from Echo. I wasn't sure how it would go. I would have to condense and simplify what I taught. Boy was I in for a big surprise. Things got extremely complicated as each class turned into about 3 different levels of student experience. I ended up with two full time aides trying to keep up with me and my kids. Phew it was exhausting, but I think somehow we were able to pull some real talent out of these kids. Take a look for your self.
These rockets represent some of my 7-9 year old who's main object in this lesson was to learn to put at least five values in there drawing using charcoal and a kneaded eraser. While the older students below worked on pencil landscapes using black and white photos. They were using their drawing skills to practice proportion, perspective,value, and texture.

I have a lot more to post, so check back soon. This represents the first few lessons.


Vee said...

Wow! Very impressive indeed. I bet the kids enjoy this class a lot!

Gayle said...

Lovely drawings from your students. I would love to be able to do this with our home school group after my girls finish their schooling. Sounds exhausting but very rewarding. Tell the kiddos to keep up the great work!

Sara said...

I detect some real talent here! That "right side of the brain" concept has always been of interest to me but I've never researched it or really given it serious thought. Your students seem to be enjoying their creativity and that is always a good thing!

Barbara said...

So you have been hiding your talent under a bushel!

Knitting Mania said...

Hey this is great Sis...what a wonderful idea to showcase art!! I'm impressed!! I wonder if you could teach me how to draw...hmmmmm

I've always said you got all the talent in the family.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Nothing better than bringing out the creativity of others. You remind me of another artist/teacher in New York - same eye and passion. Remember warm humid summer nights with budding artists, charcoal, pencils, and stories of natural childbirth?


a woman who is said...

All: Thanks for all your encouraging comments. I hope the kids get a kick out of this showcasing of their work.

Rick: Hehehe...I also remember a vegan cat :]